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My bed showed up!  The trucker specializes in Victoria / Vancouver so maybe he can assist us in getting stuff back from Victoria, namely, pinballs.

Now I have to assemble the sumbitch.  But tonight, I sleep OFF THE FLOOR, which is a wondrous thing.

Peggy came by and traded organic raspberries for salmon paté.

Now for a poetry break.  I wrote this in 1989:


Cantaloupes block the doors open
there is an orange in the mirror

cherries lurk in the crisper
bananas curl up in a basket

pears loll on the dining room table
I found four peach pits in the sink
leftover raspberries and cream on the counter

chocolate fondue burbles in the bathroom

the pineapple is waist deep in apricots

I caught her eating blueberries in bed
courageous woman, all her sheets are white
& summer is a stain of every colour

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