4 thoughts on “Taking your truck to the dealership for servicing? Webcam to the rescue!”

  1. Customer Service is of paramount importantance but, just like good manners, can be easily forgotten.

  2. I’m sorry, but theft, racism and invasion of privacy kinda go off the end of the customer service scale.

  3. I agree, The poor customer service I was thinking of was not racially motivated, it was because I am a woman and the Service Manager thought he could get away with it. The Honda dealership (who repaired the car Jenn’s boyfriend smashed) completely missed a large scratch and the brakes we’re shot. These things were reported (by me) to my insurance company and I was told to take the car back. The service manager decided I was trying to get something for free, refused to book me an appointment and hung up on me. This was on a Friday. Later on that weekend, Jenn was driving the car, the brakes did not work and she had to swerve around a guy on a bicycle and narrowly avoided a collision. I was irate and contacted the Manager at the dealership first thing Monday morning. My car brakes were serviced immediately. The remaining body work was completed by Friday and when I went into to pick up my car, I learned that the Service Manager (who had worked there 15 years) had been fired. Jenn says I should feel bad about this. I don’t. This incident served to provide the Honda dealership with a wake-up call.

  4. That’s a heckuva story. But after fifteen years, perhaps that guy needed a change? He sounds burnt out.

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