Yellow-Yellow goes for the gusto

The story of a clever bear.

What happened yesterday?  I wrote down two songs (Home on Derange and the Pirate’s To-Do List).  Lost my purse for about half an hour – found it where I left it, in a shopping cart outside Rona.  Lucky me. Got replacement keys to the landpeer and Paul and the kids.  Got my massage table back, w00t. Purchased a mirror which I can’t actually use in the bathroom, so I’m going to hang it in the bedroom instead.  I also viewed Paul’s new apartment, which is much smaller and much darker, so I’m very glad he and Dan got in to paint the new place off white (it was slate grey green and the kitchen was red, if you can believe it).

I learned that both the kids have job interviews… join me in wishing them success.

Watched The Emperor’s New Clothes. Very enjoyable costume drama and Iben Hjejle was awesome.  The whole “we will assault the melon-selling bastions scene” was very enjoyable.

Today I help Mike celebrate his birthday.

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