Very poopy day

My day was not all that great.  Paul came over and intuited that, the weather being so grisly (or drismal, as Donna H has remarked) it was a pho day.  So lunch was good and it was good to see a friendly face, but after he dropped me off back home …

My tummy has been upset, undoubtedly over the prospect of travelling, and when I sat down to do an itinerary the horrible thought occurred that I had Bitten Off More Than I can Chew.  Especially in ten days, with two days of air travel and who knows how much driving.  I am really not looking forward to it.  I thought about airports, and how aesthetic they are; sitting on the tarmac in the pouring rain for two hours while they find the luggage of somebody who didn’t show up for the flight; sitting on the tarmac in the dark while somebody removes thumb a from orifice b; getting stranded by global events; running out of money; and the whole doom spiral of horror.

So I am not leaving tomorrow morning.  I should visualize the fun I’m going to have, but all I can think about are the horrors of travelling and all the shit which may befall me.  And, candidly, some of my visits are duty visits and I’m not looking forward to them; fortunately the hardest visit is one to somebody who never, ever reads my blog, yay.

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