Jeff and I bought a couch yesterday.  The couch in the media room is actually a loveseat which has seen better days, so we are going to arrange things so that 5 people can comfortably sit downstairs to watch the tube.  The couch should be delivered today.  Shopping at IKEA yesterday was nothing short of grisly, and I had to be stroppy to the server when he gave me the wrong paperwork for the delivery.  I wasn’t very stroppy, but I asked him if he’d recently considered another job.

I need to finish writing out some recipes for a church fundraiser.

Jeff will be renting a truck to get the rest of the furniture and boxes from Granny’s apartment.

The dryer quit.  It being CNY it’s not likely that anything much will happen around the replacement until mid next week, but at least the land peer knows about it.  I wish I had more clean clothes, but I should be able to get through the week if I iron some stuff.

I made very nice chocolate chip cookies yesterday, also bacon and eggs, also a roast beast with veg.  Now I have to make the kitchen look like none of these activities happened.

I am heading off to church in a couple of hours.

I am feeling better

My eyes are still itchy but I slept really well last night, and that always makes life an easier place.

Time to go downstairs and swap over laundry (I’d forgotten a load, bleaugh, but at least it wasn’t clothing) so we can have nice clean rugs in the kitchen.

Keith and Paul were over last night for an NCIS fest.  Gibbs yelling at Fornell about his car = win.

I will not in passing that I have an amalgam of a cold and allergies

But really, no one cares about it so I’ll go on to the other stuff.  I was supposed to take the mando to Tom’s but I cocooned downstairs with Jeff and blasted through some stuff on the PVR.  Tonight I am not convinced that going to choir is going to help my current state of sniffiness.  Feb 20 is the next housefilk at Tom and Peggy’s *yay*.  Jeff brought home a thumb drive full of pics of Granny so I can do the order of service.  And somewhere in there… Valentines.

Keith left at 4:18 this morning

It’s amazing how gaming can completely eat your brain.  I was awake because I had to wake up to sneeze.  You can’t sneeze when you’re asleep, which I kinda assumed because I’ve never seen or heard anybody sneeze in their sleep.

I am not quite breathing through my mouth yet but I am pretty stuffed up, which I am attributing to allergies.

I’ve been asked to blog for a local news site.  More on that later (if I ever get a password).

Well, if I’m going to get to work I’d better get a move on.

Ranking God and the Seattle transit system

Seattle Bus Driver gets beaten up. This story caught my eye for a number of reasons.  The biggest one is that the bus driver is forgiving her attacker.

Reviewing church. *this article was disabled.  I have no idea, as it was current.  Anyway, it was about a pastor who’s paying $50 to the unchurched to come to services and review them. [URL fixed by JR 2013May21]

Saturday science links

Neutrophil chases down a bacterium and ingests it… in realtime.

Thought provoking article about human evolution.

Different set of nerves involved in fibromyalgia?

Other fibromyalgia research.

The ISS is nearly complete.

Initial results from the LHC.

How much biodiversity in one cubic foot?  It depends.

If gays don’t breed why is gayness in the gene pool?

Say we for a better marriage.

Lead is the culprit in ADD?

The second shift begins

All the domestic stuff I didn’t do this week I gotta do now.  I am not expecting unemployed people to be sympathetic.

Jeff’s off to Victoria to assist pOp in watching the Super Bowl.  He doesn’t actually need help, but what’s a Super Bowl game without somebody watching it with you who can chaff you over your lack of appreciation for what turns out to be a good call…. let the yellow flags fly.

I made an inukshuk out of Margot’s fur.  A week’s worth of fur combed from her expensive carcase makes quite an Olympic themed mass of agony for somebody with fear of cats or cat allergy.

Despite everything, I feel very content, and the new coffee from church (my church deals drugs, hallelujah) is very yummy.  Now to borrow or rent a car to do a whole bunch of stuff I need a vehicle for, once I figure out when I’m supposed to do the crap on the list.