very foggy

It’s a spooky foggy morning out here in east Burnaby.

Jeff’s coming home from Victoria today.  The cats sure make a lot of noise when they go up and down the stairs; I keep thinking it’s something that weighs 200 pounds, but it’s just a cat.  Not nice when you’re in the house alone.

I was in bed by nine last night and slept through the ball drop.

I called the minister to wish her a happy new year.  She was going to be ordained from our church this year but her dad’s coming to the end of his life and she’s helping her mother.  Sounds like they are doing everything right and bringing him home.

Margot really really hates firecrackers.  She was sitting next to me breathing hard and wincing every time something went off.

I suspect 2013 will be the weirdest year ever.





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