Fabulous day

The weather simply couldn’t have been improved upon.  I was able to successfully navigate Mike through the Bridgeport to the Arthur Laing clusterfuck.  JESUS GOD THIS TOWN HAS SO MANY FUCKED UP INTERSECTIONS I hate it, I really do.

There was a strong (strong!) onshore breeze when we got there around 11. Got back to Geekhaus around 5:30. (Had a shower the INSTANT I got home, the beach was marginally more disgusting than usual.) I managed the stairs at Wreck going down with a couple of stops and stopped at least half a dozen times coming back up, as I was messing around with heat exhaustion (sweating then clammy, sweating then clammy) and my knees kept saying YOU SUCK.  I was fine once I got to the car. So glad I didn’t take Otto.

Cops busted two guys on the beach, and then left without putting them in cuffs.  I think the bustees argued successfully that if the cops were okay with both of them falling in cuffs on the stairs they were okay with going up the stairs, and the cops hate filling out paperwork so bustees were going to report to the cop shop later.  Or maybe not, it went on for the best part of an hour and really cast a pall on the beach since nobody could openly drink or smoke while they were there.

We got beers and a sammy.  God, I am so happy Mike has that beach shelter, I’da fried without it.  I did slather myself up with 50 sunblock and I am not burnt anywhere. My pubic symphisis doesn’t even hurt!  what marvels are all these new sciences!

Today I’m fine, yay orthotics (I am finally convinced.)  Tiny bit of pinching in my calves but I did all the stairsing at home to get the recycling and trash out and no problems.  Margot was so concerned about me doing the trash instead of Jeff that she very patiently supervised me.  Now she’s presenting her floofy tail and demanding skritches.

Buster is getting antsy.  Where is Jeff!? and I want to know too. Apparently the ferries are jammed this morning, he’s due home later today.

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