various kinds of tension

mOm is okay. More deets later.

Alex was here today. I hope to have edited video ready soon. He was in really good shape and we had a blast playing on the back deck with the big blue ball.

My ‘Defender’ art is now framed. I have to fetch and pay for it.

Margot just came in demanding skritches. I bought a proper tripod so we can get good video of her and Buster as they do their hilarious hijinks.

Imani Gandy retweeted me this morning. I don’t imagine any of you care.

We’re getting a new breadmaker next week!

Buster brought in a baby bird and Jeff took it to the Wildlife Rescue people.

Every morning I get up and think I’m going to edit, and every day I’d rather clean things. I will start soon I promise.

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