the boys

So I spent money on line again, but I got TWO unboxing experiences, one with Paul and one with Mike.

The device is called a GoSun Go and it’s a 2 pound solar oven. Paul and I boiled water for tea and shared a cup. It was most pleasant. Later on in the afternoon I asked Mike if he wanted it, he said yes but he didn’t want to have to lug it back since he walked over, so we pretended to unbox the previously unboxed one and he started thinking about what he wants to cook on the beach.

Jeff and I went for a walk in Hilda Park yesterday morning. I wore my face shield, but there was nobody in the park and with the wind and sun, which was continuous, I didn’t really feel scared of no virus.

Rex Murphy talking about how Canada is not a racist country when every inch of it is built on land stolen from the Indigenous nations is quite the thing.