food and people

for supper last night I made stir fried pork with garlic and ginger, greek salad and very well cooked acorn squash, mashed with a teaspoon of maple syrup, a squirt of lemming juice and a very small pat of butter, also salt and cracked pepper.

Saw Paul and WE WENT FOR A WALK IN OAKALLA for the first time since March and that 2.5 k nearly did me in. Nobody wearing masks, including Paul, who INSISTED ON TALKING TO EVERYONE including mofos who were trying to fly drones in the park (specifically forbidden by signs) and walk the wrong way down the one way path.

The russet thrushes and the towhees sounded like they were in a competition for loudest. In the entire time I’ve been going to the park I’ve never heard the birdsong that loud.

Also saw a bald eagle and a great blue heron; couldn’t figure out why the heron was garking up a storm until I saw the eagle spiralling.

Then, in a miraculous outburst of friendness, Mike dropped by after Paul dropped me back home and there was an exchange of food etc.

While Mike was here Buster caught a young starling and tried to bring it into the house. Since Jeff mentioned that he was not happy about birds in the house, I literally grabbed Buster and turned him around by his shoulders and britches. He opened his mouth to remonstrate with me and the bird, quite naturally, fucked off with prejudice and stayed in the dogwood yelling its fool head off so loud that Jeff was perturbed and went indoors. I went inside to get the ukulele to play Mike the song I wrote for him (I’ve played it before but it was a truncated version and I’ve been practicing hard) and just after that, a parent bird came back and stuffed junior’s gob so the little mofo finally shut up.