Staying calm and kind

Yesterday I got to see Katie (she brought sourdough bread from Costco) and we had a LOVELY LONG CHAT and my god it was wonderful. I also spoke to my mOm and pOp, went for a walk with Paul and watched a lot of Time Team. I also had a bath, carefully cleaned my feet, washed my hair, and did a whole bunch of old lady maintenance, which left me feeling physically much better.

Weather continues quite overcast and really cool for this time of year – it rained yesterday but not all day.

This sentence deleted

Today my only task is writing a 2500 word essay for Keith’s birthday, to accompany a picture I want to give to him. Oh look, it’s 10% complete already. I know what I’m like, if I don’t finish it today I’ll be writing myself into a coma on his birthday morning.

My fOlks have with tremendous timing given me some funds and I intend to spend them both intelligently *and* foolishly. so there.

Buster has the best object permanence of any cat I ever met. Also, he demanded to be trained HARD this morning, and I was about to run off and tell Jeff all about it…. I mean, he did FOUR PAW CLAPS FOR TREATS, including flipping the treat onto his wrist and eating it….

when I realized his food dish was empty, he was hoping I wouldn’t notice so he could eat the rest of the treat bag. Li’l scam artiste….

I had a single piece of sourdough toast cut into three pieces this for breakfast. One piece had fine liverwurst, one piece a ten cm thin slice of brie, and one a hefty chunk of smoked salmon. I recount this not to brag but to allow my mother to experience a ghost of their gustatory charms as part of her morning. Also to brag. The sharing was more meaningful than the bragging, I assure you.