stuck pretty close to home yesterday. I appear to have stopped with the passing of stones and the having of pain, so staying home and pushing fluids was the correct response.

Worked a little on some fanfic; worked a little on a couple of tunes.

Buster, while training, did the most amazing maneuvre.

  1. he stood on his hind paws to reach for the treat.
  2. I dropped the treat
  3. he swivelled his body and his right paw on the way down
  4. he moved through 180 degrees while maintaining the treat, balanced in a single paw
  5. he settled to the floor on three paws and ate the treat from his right paw
  6. & this was all one unbroken maneuvre and the treat never touched the ground

I would kill to have pictures, it was like watching Tony Hawk land a new trick