much more chipper

I have definitely turned the corner. Strangely, this improvement may coincide to going back to sleeping under a weighted blanket (I was using my battered old ‘white’ duvet instead) but I definitely sleep sounder.  I’m also taking a slightly different path on pain management, so I hope my activity level will naturally rise in consequence.

Weather continues not great. This week the temp isn’t supposed to crawl much above 20 and we’ll get a little bit of sun, but June-uary continueth.

Jeff and I went for a lovely social distancing walk in the rain yesterday at 12th Avenue school grounds; wasn’t a soul else on the grounds and I wore my shield instead of my mask. Jeff, since he didn’t actually encounter anyone else, went mask-free. It’s very nice to be outside without a mask.

Watched a fair amount of our current range of TV yesterday; Castle S2, Time Team 1999, Vera S5, New Tricks and Jeff’s started watching Elementary, which I sat in on and proved quite entertaining.

Seven people arrested at the Viaduct BLM demo yesterday; Twitter wants white people down at CRAB park. CRAB park is where the homeless encampment moved to and fictionally it’s where George and a couple of his children are when the earthquake strikes.