Just for fun – I shall take a few questions


  1. Transylvania – I think – I didn’t finish it. I didn’t get into video games until the visuals and music were better.
  2. Probably Alexios
  3. Don’t know
  4. Plants vs Zombies side quests
  5. Probably one of them ditzy broads in Borderlands who cain’t stop killing things or running her mouth.
  6. Probably the dragon in Dead Souls, Jesus did I get bored with watching brO fight it.
  7. brO and his favourite weapon in an FPS
  8. Skyrim, I ain’t even played or watched it and I know parts off by heart although that’s all Mike’s fault
  9. shrug, no notion

Ooh, now I’m thinking about a drinking game for Time Team.

  1. Drink at least a sip of alcohol when they do.
  2. Do a shot when Phil says ‘Ooh Ah’ or ‘Oh Ah’ or says ‘crucial’, ‘stone the crows’ or ‘crikey’.
  3. Do a shot when Tony flaps his arms while running.
  4. Take a sip when a woman archaeologist wears whatever the hell she wants without worrying about the camera.
  5. Take a shot every time you see the Mick doll.
  6. Take a sip when Carenza says ‘there’
  7. Take a sip when someone asks to come down in the trench.
  8. Take a shot when they go up in the helicopter.
  9. Take a shot when the re-enactors show up.
  10. Take a shot every time you see a dog or a cat.
  11. Take a sip when Tony makes a snide remark indicating that he thinks rich people are a bit much.
  12. Take a shot when one of Victor’s pictures is given to the village or the homeowner in the end.
  13. Take a shot every time Robin reads something in Latin.
  14. Take a shot every time they need dendrochronology.
  15. Take a shot if they gather the whole village together at the end.
  16. Take two shots every time the geophys is spectacularly wrong and it turns out to be geology.
  17. Take a shot when it rains.
  18. Take a shot the first time the archeologists go into someplace underground
  19. Take a shot every time you realize that the English really dig the whole colonizing and being colonized thing.
  20. Take a shot every time dowsing works.


Call an ambulance and go to hospital. You have alcohol poisoning.

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