slept most of the morning

I’m sleepy, but Paul and I got out for a walk and I ran the dishes and now Jeff and I are going to watch Elementary.

Lentil soup for brekky, and when Paul came over I made him a jalapeƱo havarti and cucumber toasted bagel, and tea, which he devoured as is his wont.

Starting to think that a trip to Victoria should happen sooner rather than later.

Fanfic is 9400 words. If only I could care about Upsun, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

Alex was here!

Katie and Alex came over and we watched the Pompeii short animation, and the five most deadly volcanoes video and he played Xenon (‘the tube shot is my favourite’ he said earnestly) and Katie and I talked for a while and it was lovely lovely lovely and he gave me a little hug on the way out the door and he’s missing his two front teeth and he looks like a wee longhaired pumpkin and he had a Captain America shirt and Minecraft socks.