Disney Princess not

So a chickadee at Fraser Foreshore Park tried to cadge food out of me – twice, and I was still chuckling when an elderly German lady and her daughter/caregiver came along the path and held up a flicker feather, so I identified it for her, and she went along her way blessing me, so that was weird.

SO MUCH COYOTE SCAT, one lot was black as tar and shiny.

Saw a heron perched at the little pond. Went and looked at the mighty Stô:Lō from the Glenlyon observation platform.

After, took Paul to the Pho Hong and picked up some more cactus soil and little pots as the babies all germinated. Like….. all in the same day. Germination rate of over 90 percent for two year old seed, so that was nice. They’re all in pots now and I put them outside after getting the soil nice and saturated.

Hey pOp which snail are you?


“Open image in new tab” or your OS equivalent will pop this pic larger. Shown is a three by three grid of charming snails from medieval illuminated manuscripts. Some of them look very medieval and some look quite contemporary, although the one with a boar’s head is a bit much.

And here’s a good article about the philosophy of consciousness.  Pull quote:

I think of consciousness as a weakly emergent phenomenon, not dissimilar from, say, the wetness of water (though a lot more complicated)

Massimo Pigliucci is the K D Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York and he’s written about Stoic philosophy

stoic quotes when someone properly grounded life should have look outside themselves approval epictetus wisdom nature


yesterday in bed

Up at 3, back in bed at 8, up at noon, back down for another 4 hours, up at 6:30, back down at 9. What a day.

I don’t know why, but I wuz bagged. I think it’s possible it was some kind of migraine; I got physical symptoms yesterday that were ghastly. Then at 9 when I went back to bed I lay in bed writhing for an hour because I thought I was having a heart attack. It was completely psychological, and really horrible. (Real heart attacks don’t go away *every time you sit up to go fetch your brother to go to the hospital*).

I did a lot of breathing and shifting my position to get comfy, and finally slept.

Now I’m going to get up, make tea and get a freaking grip on myself.

A beautiful blue, white and gold sunset
Sunset off the deck last night