red moon rising

last night the Harvest Moon incoming was red as a glass of wine in a streaky sky

Still feeling congested but I distinctly feel more lively today.

Breadsticks. I must make breadsticks. or naan or buns or summat

l8r:ah me, I made Sixer Sticks. LIKE ALL FUCKING CANADIAN RECIPES IT USES MIXED MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS and people wonder how Sumerian and Akkadian survived for 1000 years side by side WAAL LEMME TELL YOU

make bread dough in the machine. Use less salt and sugar and a little more yeast.

Preheat oven to 375

after a second rise roll the dough out around 2 cm thick, ensuring it’s no longer than the pan you’re baking it in. Cut in 2.5 to 3 cm strips and move to a baking sheet with parchment

in a ceramic cup nuke 3 tbsps salted butter 3 tbsps white sugar and lots of cinnamon for 25 – 30 seconds. Apply to naked Sixer Sticks with a pastry brush, (and let me tell you I love my silicone pastry brush, that thing’s a champ) like a gorilla expecting to lick the pot afterward. Try to get all the doughy bits at least brushed with the mixture

Slam those tentacles of goodness in the oven for twenty minutes and yank them out and try not to eat the entire batch while they’re still warm

One of the songs came back to me (the other one vanished), it’s called You do me wrong, and it’s about a woman telling a man that it’s a very good song but please don’t sing it because it reminds me of my dead brother. Yeah, I’m in a fucking terrible mood why do you ask? No this has nothing to do with Jeff and everything to do with John. It’s on Rowena so it’s one of those annoying neotrad tunes that’s really completely modern because it rips at the Empire. I hear fiddle, bowed bass and tambour as well.

Little over a week before Supernatural fires up again. I don’t know if I’ll ever rewatch it after it finishes this November (after the election, so …); if so I’ll wait until Jeff’s desperate for something new and then WAAL THERE ARE 320 EPISODES that’s even more than Time Team, SG1 and ER!

ha ha

fic 16261 and I still haven’t (this para deleted)


gluey day

I am making bread dough. I think I want home made cheese sticks. We’ll see what they turn into.

Load of laundry done; practicing done. Two songs descended and I don’t even want to deal with them. I’m used to crying while I’m writing songs but not this. The fucking pandemic is making me an emotional hole collector.

Right now I’m missing John so badly, for all the things he’d say and the songs he’d sing, and I tried to give myself a “Well life goes on” speech but that’s hard when I can still smell him in the room divider and his name is on the wall. And I miss Mike, and my parents with an everpresent longing, and I miss being able to feel like an actor in the world, and I miss thinking about what I’d do if I went back to school.

charming piece of BC twitter follows (they’re all fake accounts)


there’s a thing going round twitter about the albums that came out the year you were born. Man I’m old.

fic 16197

Sarah Kendzior fan post

She called it

She called how Trump would win, and then called how Trump would rule, and now she’s calling he’ll steal the election. Here’s a quote from an article from 2013



another quote from her book Hiding In Plain Sight


anyway I subscribe to her Patreon but I never listen to the podcasts because my bp does shitty, shitty things when she talks about Trump


My enthusiasm for walking in public parks ceases when I’ve had to truck (bagged) dogshit into the bin.

I’d been enjoying the break in the rain, up in Hilda AVENUE park, hullo Burnaby, can’t even get the park sign right, took a walk, took my pickerupper, and was ridding the children’s play areas of nasty sharp bits of plastic, candy wrappers and cigarette butts and feeling might’ pleased with myself and then something that looked like it came out the hind end of a golem living on dog food was sitting there in a thin pink plastic bag. I binned that and what I’d collected and I dragged my ass home. People suck.

We did a shop, got milk and a few other things.

Another very lazy day, except I made weird pizza™ for supper mostly so I could self-calm by eating raw bread dough and cooked myself up beef strips with onions and Peggy’s tomatoes with a tiny amount of taco seasoning for breakfast and damnation it was fine. Now I could have cold pizza (fresh chopped tomatoes, bocconcini balls, fresh chopped onions and scallions, capers, chopped olives) or oatmeal, let me think on it.

Indi Samarajiva said Collapse is just a series of ordinary days in between extraordinary bullshit, most of it happening to someone else. That’s all it is.


another appointment

Next week. Waiting is.

Here’s a list of gender neutral words, quite thought provoking and useful.

Here’s a list of words to clarify language around slavery.

Speaking of language, even Wikipedia has troubles with shitposts:



An image of Jupiter taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared light on Aug. 25, 2020, is giving researchers an entirely new view of the giant planet and offers insights into the altitude and distribution of the planet's haze and particles.

credit NASA, ESA, STScI, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center), M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley), and the OPAL team

Further cleanser, which is a stoat on a trampoline

and speaking of shitposts, which we weren’t, right? right? Here’s a lovely hit to the face of christian witness:


There’s a time and a place for everything

But as long as I have family to talk to I don’t have to put ALLLL my bs here.

Keith said SO IN THIS FASCIST RERUN SCENARIO are we Poland or Czechoslovakia and sayeth me “You Know We’re Poland. We’re going to get ground between two superpowers, China and the US, with Russia picking at scraps, and there’s not much we can do about it”. and “Well, we’re not going to be ALLOWED to be Switzerland.”

I’m so angry at the typos in the fic I’m reading on AO3 right now even though it’s a charming slow burn fic I’m shutting it down.


fuck the police in Akkadian, thanks to @antthegay on twitter

technically it’s may the policemen be destroyed but who’s quibbling

Laughed my ass off at this next one:

r/vancouver - give this badass his space please

Text on a sticker on a dogshit brown Chevy Van (perfection!) BACK OFF I’m from Surrey. stolen from reddit

As an aside, the first joke I ever heard about the Vancouver area was about Surrey. “What’s the difference between Surrey and a bus shelter?” “If you really had to, you could live in a bus shelter.” Yes, I am aware this joke has racist, classist, and ‘wrong side of the bridge’-ist implications.

visit from Katie

The Minecraft masks came and the cinnamon buns were made and Katie came and got them.

I am sad about the test results but I must shake it off and go to the doc’s office tomorrow and see the RN.

I’m letting myself be in a sad place because it’s appropriate. I still managed to get most of the things on my daily list done today.

peaceful demonstration after a woman was shot in her bed

Shown from the back, in front of high rise apartments, taken Wednesday, September 23, 2020, in the evening, a demonstrator visibly wearing a mask holds up a sign which reads







The demonstrator is wearing a sign saying say her name.


Countdown to a US Civil War

Forty days. The world already got slammed by a pandemic. So I was right, who cares. To be right without helping set the world right isn’t enough, until you understand that no single person can do it anyway.

I’m not alone and the world will eventually get ‘better’. What that world will look like no one knows. Not even someone raised on the future, like I was, can know.

I got a phone call from Alex yesterday and after he told me that he played with Henry with magnets and it was big fun at school, he requested cinnamon buns with no glaze.

Can do little critter, can do. And I will. Daughter is collecting them after work today, so about 1 pm I will start the dough.

later again

Tom’s in hospital. He’s on his cell phone though, so it’s not like he’s incommunicado or currently dying. Glad I called Peggy and learned these tidings, which I communicated to the Keith for their household.


word count on fic 15466

graphic shows sonic the hedgehog’s two eyes gradually growing together to form a single huge eyeball


current mood


shown is a lightly smirking woman, having won a beaver handling contest I’D FUCKING SMIRK TOO not that I’d ever have her simply incandescent skill set.Image

@zhaabowekwe posted this, saying that she’s still badass and one of the most fluent Anishinaabemowin speakers


The day is here for me to have my test. Whether I’m actually going to get it or not given the various fuckups is an interesting and as yet open question.

Read something on twitter this morning and I’m having to sit with my settler anger. Indigenous activist says that settlers ‘can’t decolonize anything’

and of course that’s why I have sixers do it.

Colonialism is a hell of a drug.

Someone I follow on twitter got a job. They’re the sole support for a disabled partner and I’ve already donated a few shekels to them so it is absolutely lovely news. Also, I’ve learned to hate the debt collection people in Austria thanks to them.

From @nelsonlflores on twitter


I have returned from taking my test, I await with interest to see if I passed or failed, and I’m also having a colon cancer screening done this week but all I have to do is provide a teeny piece of poo for the health care system so I can manage that.

Did a small shop and some banking on the way home, and then took the bus; after all, it is international car free day.

Lucy Liu fest

Watched the last Elementary, and then the first one, because I missed it, and then the first 20 minutes of Charlie’s Angels, which got kinda repetitititive and then we stopped. Watching Lucy shake her hair out repeatedly and wear a series of truly stunning gowns was wonderful.

Like a lot of people in the PNW now that the smoke has briefly let up I can’t stop coughing.

Thinking about cinnamon buns and biscotti this am. Shall thought become action? stay tuna! Currently running the dishwasher

445 words on “Firehall Bob” an UPSUN short, and 15016 on the fic which has a working title of ‘daily schedule’

Below: artist: Peter de Seve

Shown, a witch on a broom looking at a black kitten through a pet store window at night, and the kitten is looking back. All the other kittens in the window are asleep.


@TamikaButler on twitter is responsible for this gem: