Me singing “Buy me a beer” at the company Christmas party when I dyed my hair and was still employable.

Lots of Laundry yesterday. A couple of months back I instituted Jeff and I using different hand towels to dry off after we wash our hands, trying not to pass any illnesses that come into the house off to each other. True that COVID is virtually never transferred off objects, but there’s still tons of shit that is hand transferred, especially foodborne stuff.  It adds about two minutes to my laundry duties cause there are two washrooms and we both use both of them.

Also, Jeff installed a bidet downstairs. I have dubbed it Neptune’s kiss.

Watching the new Perry Mason show, finding it quite entertaining and better set up than many, many prequels.

Stayed up late last night, I have no idea why. I feel kinda bleary this morning.

Calling the doc tomorrow, trying to start this whole test thing up again.

My new mattress has arrived. I need to open up the box and let it offgas for a while.

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