The clown we’re going to run out of town

All I can see is a smokin’ hole
an’ I can only see that
cause all the shit you stole
You’re gonna have to move out and take the sign down
Too bad that all of your friends get paid to stick around

You’re the clown
we’re gonna run out of town x2

Shoulda listened to Sarah* in 2016
she was right on the money
and her instincts were keen
Think of the world of hurt you could have saved
the way you came to power
was obscene and depraved

You’re the clown
we’re gonna run out of town x2

written December 2020, more verses probably coming, hoping I recorded this on January 4th lol.

*Sarah Kendzior, who predicted 85% of what 45 would do in office years before he did it, and is still among the top ten political commentators in English in the US (please subscribe to Gaslit Nation if you can or donate to her Patreon.) AND SHE’S SO YOUNG! she’s only 42, with a young family…. and yes, I’m combining song of the day with Follow Friday.

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