Not a lazy day

It’s just coming up on one pm. I worked on the letter for Alex; three loads of laundry including the washcloths (Jeff and I dry our hands on separate washcloths now, both upstairs and down, and will maintain that after this pandemic lifts) and the kitchen rugs; watered the baby yoda plants; went for a walk and got my bloodwork done (which I should have done Monday, but there’s nothing like finding out you have brain damage to put a fucking crimp in your week, god knows how long the CT will take), and now, if Jeff feels like it, I’ll get him something takeoutish for supper. I want a burrito but he’s into something a little less gaseous.

Called Katie last night. She was so glad to hear from me, we had a nice chinwag. She may bring Alex on Sunday, depends on what he wants.

Paul called and wanted to go for a walk because it’s gorgeous, but I been already….

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