Damn I love timmy ho’s coffee

Jeff got some yesterday and we never do it two days running, but oh the mighty urge.

Yesterday I ran the dishes, practiced, cooked up the last of the chicken, kept my driving skills current in Paul’s car, paid the rest of the dentist bill (thank you mOm and pOp) and enjoyed a lovely walk in Fraser Foreshore. Other than that I didn’t do a damned thing, but I had a great day.

Right now the rumble and crash of the trash truck is making its way through the alley.

Relatives are re-reconsidering their holiday options, given that Alberta has gone spare and the case rate is rising AGAIN in BC, what the fuck, people. I was thinking about Victoria again. I know it seems weird given that Jeff and Keith have both visited but my fears are real and not subject to just being switched into a corner.

Of course my allergies are bad right now so I’m sneezling a lot, and that makes me think about what exactly in the way of fomites and aerosols of unusual pathology I’m spraying around….


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