an ordinary day

called Peggy, found out that Tom is not having a great time, but he’s alive and kicking, so there’s that, and ran two loads of laundry including my new favourite cloth masks, and emptied and refilled the dishwasher, and found out there is another rat in the wall and the rat Buster caught didn’t help, and practiced and possibly wrote another instrumental on the ukelele, and watched some TV, and ate the Burger Den Mushroom burger Jeff got me, and now I’m wrassling with my bedding, since I washed my bedding like a sensible person.

I am still thinking about best roommate, there’s a scene I keep writing and rewriting in my brain but it’s really heavy in terms of the power relationship between our two knuckleheads and I want it to be incredibly light and airy and delicately emotional and I haven’t felt my way to it yet.

I even broshed my toofs

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