hanging with Susana Ville and Jarmo and Sauna and Mike

In the morning on Sunday Alex and Katie took us out to IHOP. Then at four we were off for Hastings Sauna – I respected my blood pressure and only went in for about fifteen minutes. Mostly we talked. The manager fell on Mike’s neck like he was hoping he’d reinvigorate the business single handed. (In the meantime, we’re plotting our next trip to the JJ Korean spa in Coquitlam) and Jarmo offered me a peach Bubly which was nice.

Earl’s on Lougheed afterward for a celebratory meal. I would NOT have ordered the second most expensive entree on the menu if I’d had any idea Jarmo would pay for it, but that’s the kind of friends I have and I had been daydreaming about surf and turf for a very long time. It was fantastic. Seriously. Best restaurant meal I’ve had in ages, and despite being on the Lougheed highway side of the building it was cool and deliciously quiet.

Then hugs while the folks drive back to Chilliwack where they live now, and hanging out at Mike’s for the evening (congee and garlic shrimps for brekky), plus body work and the first three episodes of Loki (also got to listen to Mike work his way through Kane’s theme in Skyrim which is always a treat) and THEN he three Dee printed me some pick holders for my ukelele and my other guitar. Consider all that and wonder not why I follow that man around like an awkward pupdog.

Then we walked back here, split up and I came home and rehydrated because it was berloody hot out there and I thought I was going to have a heart attack for a while there, and Mike went to Oliver Twist and bought a Steamworks party pack and some munchies. We then watched two movies (Jolt and Boss Level) with Jeff and Mike walked home.

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