New Poem – the Terrible Game

I am angry at you, Waffle
I flense your mother
I plunge my hand into the chest of your father
I cause rocks to be dropped on your siblings by rocs
I dismember your shop tools as if they were your children and eat them
Well know that I am displeased, Waffle

For your dictionary is foul, and your sloth is benthic

How is it, Waffle? that your dictionary looks like this
Ordinary words
Little, ordinary words in English
Escape your notice
‘Yep’ is not allowed.
‘Zoot’, as in zoot suit, is not allowed
I can understand that words with ‘s’ and ‘er’ and ‘ed’
Might be passed by, but then YOU ARE NOT CONSISTENT
About how the rules are applied
And I hate you
With that festering hatred that consumes cognition like oxygen
With a scary pH
Like a tailing pond, and I boil you in my mind in that very pond.


I refer to this game.

This poem is dedicated to my Onty Mary.

Peggy’s today

We’ll be singing and playing, with all the ventilation going as usual. Very relieved to have my booster. I will take her some Yorkshire Gold tea in her own container.

Jeff got me a samwich last night, it was YUMMY. I allowed myself to get dehydrated yesterday and so when I went walking to get my meds I kept feeling like I was going to keel over, but that’s what happens when you don’t eat and drink. I guess my mind was pondering mightier things.

Putin’s annexed four provinces of Ukraine and saber rattled use of Nukes, but against whom is not stated.

On the basis of Lumosity this morning my cognition is back up to where it otta be. I definitely feel sharper. Homemade vegan pizza and coffee – breakfast of champeens.

Apparently a road rage incident started two blocks from mOm and pOp’s house on Wednesday. Sometimes the things we don’t know are just fine. Love how a knife and bearspray constitute weapons in Canada.  REMEMBER FOLKS the only open carry weapon legal in Canada is a cane. GET THE ICE CRUTCH TIP you can rilly mess a dude up with those four way slashers on the bottom of your cane.