blasted by particles

Some black hole spewed out billions of years ago and earth got hit by the particle stream on October 9.

The above noted gem was drawn by Mike Franchina, who normally draws shit like this.

I’ve laundered all the kitchen linens and cleaning rags and now I have to put them away. That’s always the problem.

later that morning … IT IS ALL PUT AWAY



The three pillars of humanity, in no particular order, are Joy, Absurdity, and Sharing (user calamityschild on tumblr)

7949 words on Part II



it’s a thing on the internet

Introduce yourself in four books

The single funniest book about sabotage ever written. Never stops being relevant.

This is standing in for all of Dunnett’s oeuvre but the Johnson Johnson books, which don’t appeal to me.

This was the book that gave me permission to have a multistranded narrative for the UPSUN books. Tammy gave it to me.

Connecting me to Time Team, Dunnett, pandemics, religious hysteria and the sweep of history…. a massively educational, entertaining and moving work.