New Poem Little Seed

You are a little seed. There are millions like you.
You were made to sprout in a mind
unthinking being sprouted; that’s
For other minds to bend. Upwards where upwards
Is defined by gravity, that mundane unknown.

I can hear people laughing in my basement.

I want that to be in the scrapings of trace nutrients
I give you, that you are so loved, and all around me
Are ancestors who can still laugh, and will never cease
Weeping this river of love. Salt water kills plants they say
But there are those that grow in brackish water.
There’s no guarantee
That you will be one of those, little seed.
I too was once a little seed, and I commit you to this world.

wrote a letter

I am finally picking up enough that I can write letters again. Handwrote (in monster script) a letter to Onty Mary and now I’m staring at it as if that will stamp and address the envelope and walk it to the newly restored post box at the end of the next street.

My irritability continues unblemished. The only thing not collecting my ire is the new Star Wars show, Andor, which is absolutely wonderful

I managed to make chicken barley soup yesterday; it has chicken, barley, peas, carrots, onions, turmeric, black pepper and lots of veggie bouillon – but it still isn’t very salty. Barley chows down salt quite effectively. Super filling and tasty.

Today I will make pork chomps, potatoes, & salad for lunch, if I can be arsed.

And on that note I should probably get up and get dressed and get going.

I scored 2196 on Waffle this morning. This is literally 250 points higher than my all time best score and double what I normally get. I STILL HATE THE GAME.