bobbles and bits

164 aqi this morning – very unhealthy…. unhealthy enough that can set off a smoke detector in some cases. Check this screen capture from Ventusky, the bowl o’ smoke we’re sitting in right now, and how there’s a huge mass of it to the east of us. Thanks Jeff for reminding me of Ventusky’s existence.

Sound brain training on Lumosity this morning, and got the wordle in three tries which made me happy.

8014 words on Part II, this next bit will be a lot less tricky. and then I’m back in the plot farm.

Putin is following the Syria plan for Ukraine. Destroy power, water, hospitals, universities/schools and cultural touchstones. If the Democrats lose the house, the Republicans will stop aid to Ukraine, at which point the Ukrainians will lose the ‘eye in the sky’ assistance from American spy satellites as well as the boatloads of matériel they’re getting every month now. Whether Germany, France and England will come up with more is an open question. China isn’t being helpful, they’ve got local and China Sea issues of their own.

Three loads of laundry yesterday, now to fold and bring upstairs sigh.

Ryker can run when someone’s holding his hand but can only take three steps on his own. I KNOW THOSE FEELS RYKER.

I looked in on Jeff this morning and I’m getting us some IHOP brekky.

I am coming along nicely on the ‘Elementary’ theme on ukulele.

SO LOOKING FORWARD to Andor later today.