working working working

Completely revised Part I of Totally Boned over the last two days; 151 words added after all the many words I deleted as being a) too precious b) not germane c) funny but in the wrong place d) guaranteed to annoy readers, however happy they made me.

I have also revised what I have of Part II in preparation for some serious work next month (November is the WRITY MONTH).

Tremendously bad dizzy spell yesterday morning at sunup. I spun, I collapsed on the john, I almost threw up, and 45 minutes later I was fine. Better this morning.

Finally mailed letter to Mary.

NOBODY has said a word to me about the poem I posted, but at least the people who read fanfic are still communicating with me. I got a kudo for the story about the camboy and the weed store owner this morning…. It’s very cute, and very sex positive, and it has the single funniest text message exchange I’ve ever written in it, and I’ve turned out a few.

If you’re here early in the morning I’ll be adding more to this post after I do some drug taking (prescribed) and laundry manipulation (mountainous, I have to get the rugs out of the dryer). Great, I’m out of some Metformin, back to the pharmacy I guess.

OKAY that’s all settled.

Buster just came in COVERED IN BLOOD. I closed the cat door and Jeff is dealing with his wounds in the upstairs bathroom. Jeff will make the determination whether he’s going to the vet or not this morning.

I was supposed to see Alex yesterday and it didn’t happen. Heavy sigh. Happy 8th birthday, kiddo.