the laundry list

put away laundry
police up the spent cans for the recycling
maybe shower twice, just to be sure
change bedding
go for a walk
call my mOm
call some friends
work on part II 8649 words
tell Jeff the fancy breakfast I ordered him is here

in the world:

Russian attacks on Ukrainian power generation infrastructure continue. The last 3 weeks have seen .5 of the Russian population decamp from the Motherland, and Forbes Russia said 700K have scarpered, skewing heavily towards men. Russia of course disputes this figure; the border numbers don’t add up but that honestly could mean anything.

Rishi Sunak will be the youngest and darkest PM the UK has ever had

Abortion, transgender and gay rights continue to be rolled back in the US
also lots of other places too, the place they’re starting is schoolboards, in Canada
absolute playbook

the hot and touchy standoff between China and Taiwan continues. As reported in the Taipei Times, an acceptable on line English language newspaper, the Minister of National Defence Chiu Kuo-cheng has been offered (who knows if they’ll get it in the end, how vaporous is a politician’s promise, in sooth) a TREBLING of the monthly stipend of mandatory conscripts. They already asked for five times as much and the politicians said fine they need a COLA but five times as much is wtf.

More quotatiousness from today’s TT, tell me if you can’t hear the echo of Zelenskyy’s voice in this :

National Security Bureau (NSB) Deputy Director-General Chen Chin-kuang said that at the CCP’s 20th National Congress on Saturday the party included a clause in its constitution saying that it is “adamantly against Taiwan’s independence.”

Chen said that the newly appointed vice chairman and several members of the Central Military Commission have served in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command or the Vietnam War.

When China’s economic growth begins to slow and its grip on society encounters challenges, the CCP might take action to shift the public’s attention from domestic affairs to foreign affairs, he said.

well ain’t that freaking horrifying?


more personally

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Tessa Thompson Human Person Evening Dress Fashion Gown and Robe

this is Tessa Thompson at the 2022 Met Gala – which was some time ago, so this is not NEWS news – photo credit Getty Images. It just blows my mind what that ass (and everything else including her posture and brain) can carry. Anyway, in my fan-a–licious mind this is her blowing a kiss to Janelle Monáe (Tessa appeared in Janelle’s mindblowingly lovely and catchy and sweet song from 2018’s ‘Dirty Computer’, ‘Pynk’ –– in a four years gone callback –– and I’m allowing that notion to cheer me up, because without a word of a lie, I’m emotionally sore at the moment)

It was lovely seeing Ryker and seeing Jeff GURN (english dialectical make faces) at him. Very well lovely possibly isn’t the right word.


New poem – the sieve

This is not a suicide note:
I’d bang on my brother’s door and waken him
rather than leave him my corpse ***on purpose***
ew, I mean, ew

my consciousness wrote the suicide note to you
but the smelly part is still here

I know that my procession
through these eroded markers
was foretold
but the weeping was tiresome
and I had no patience with the acidic streams
for – did you know – your tears become more basic
over the course of the day, and it’s 2 am here

I pull a stray hair out of my mouth and continue
in the present tense
<<< fly back and forth
destroyers of narrative >>>
I cry as if I could be cleansed
rather than imprisoned
behind bars of vapour

quit potchkying around and write this damned thing

it is my salute to those I love who live still
and everything they taught me, all of which
I will take with me to my niche
in the columbarium
for everything I’ve learned is nothing
compared to what is coming
it’s the brutal and the lucky
who will live
another sieve for humanity

I passed through one, today
Most days I don’t know
how close I came

but I do today