arrival / New Poem – You are given 3 choices

Jeff is safely arrived; I am taking the talking bricks from my imagination and making sentences elsewhere, this morning, but took a break to say that.

I practiced guitar this morning and that inspired me to start writing. 8962 words already!

In the meantime, a squib.

You are given 3 choices

  1. I want nothing to do with you, white woman
  2. Please, if you can, demonstrate how you would ‘Scream for Jesus.’
  3. Debate with me the context and applicability of this art.


I know nobody else will enjoy this poem but I so enjoyed composing it that I felt obliged to share. “One art, please.” Ah, Zoidberg, I love you so much you borscht-belt Decapodion!

Futurama Zoidberg GIF - Futurama Zoidberg One Art Please GIFs

Jeff off to Victoria

The car via ferry is the only reasonable way to get there and maintain your personal mobility, but if they ever invent a matter transporter, Jeff’s got dibs.

Rain lifted and the sun came out and it was quite pleasant late yesterday afternoon.

8814 words Part II. Sent a tiny squib to mOm yesterday. It won’t be enough to keep her (drum roll for over-exaggeration here please) fiendish appetites slaked, but them’s the breaks I reckon.

Damn that lamb was good. However in the interests of roommate comfort I’ll order chicken next time – Jeff finds the smell of lamb queasy making and I don’t want to put him off his chicken skewers.

I have more than 60k reddit karma points. Talk about yer wasted life.

Just read the opening line to a fic, “Why is Dean a capybara” and now I want to finish that prompt myself.