Many emotions packed into yesterday

From a strictly material standpoint yesterday was the score of scores;

a car

a guitar

From a strictly emotional standpoint yesterday was a day of extremes.

worry about Paul – I’m not posting what his blood pressure was yesterday but it was so low I’ve only ever seen those numbers in medical dramas …. in consequence of his new BP meds.

horror at hearing some of the things the kids are saying to him because they’re so fed up with listening to him and living with him.

joy at the simple pleasure of a meal at CQ in Lougheed (hot & sour soup and their delicious sticky rice), morphing into annoyance by Paul continuously getting up and trying to get a glass of water while his food got cold. He gets stuck in a thought. It’s tough to watch and it’s made harder by him still being the same person to talk to; his facility with the real world, the world of fixing and doing and making, is slipping away.

JOY at 4:30 when Mike called and said he was coming over; we watched Accident Man Hitman’s Holiday again with him (very funny, well shot, ultra violent, and full of over the top baddies (Poco the Clown is a standout)) and watched Weird The Al Yankovic Story, which is basically a funhouse tour of every trope in every rock mock documentary, at ninety miles an hour, which ends with him (NO SPOILERS) and then Madonna (NO SPOILERS). TRULY an amazing tribute to this instafilker, but the icing on the cake is the closing song, which no sane person should miss. Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento IS PERFECTION.

horror at lying in bed listening to half the neighbourhood get thrown around in the wind overnight

The dogwood in the back yard, which brought crows into the yard every spring because they love the twigs it makes, has blown over.
My kids played under that tree, the first time we lived in this house.
Our cats were buried under that tree.
I’m too stunned to weep now.
I have to figure out when to call Kim the landpeer. It’s now after 6 am.

Oh, yeah, yesterday:

Katie came to get me late in the morning. We were supposed to have a chinwag, instead we were chasing Ryker around in the kitchen. AND WATCHING MICE RUN AROUND THE KITCHEN. THEY NEED CATS. I got to hold Ryker while he was laughing, which is an amazing experience. He didn’t make strange with me at all and that was pleasant. He’s practically running, and babbling with pre-speech, and shifting his eyebrows around. Alex had no eyebrows; Ryker is all eyebrows.

Paul ‘loaned’ me the car after I drove him home. Yes, that’s correct he’s been told he is not to drive. The doc said it was because of his blood pressure, but honestly I don’t think he’s getting that car back. Keith’s got a passport and he’ll drive Paul to the US instead, so that will work out. I need to go over to the Junction again today to take him to the filk at Peggy’s. I’ll order food when I get there, since I’m s’posed to be doing to the food today.

Ryker’s father’s mother is in hospital again for a serious surgical requirement and won’t be able to babysit. Katie’s losing her mind. That’s two days a week of childcare and no-one to cover. But she’s going to put it back on Ryker’s dad and tell him he’s responsible for two days of childcare even if his mom’s dying because that’s what the fuck adults do. Keep going.

I’m going to call the landlord and get started on this shitshow of a tree removal.


the car is a 2005 Echo

the guitar is a specialty carbon fibre body guitar worth a thousand gazillion pengos. JESUS MIKE I know you don’t have much to spend your pay on these days but I have to say that’s amazing and thank you. It has built in reverb and dozens of other features including 32 gigs of memory for when you want to record yourself. MIKE SET UP A DUMMY ACCOUNT WITH THE COMPANY AND UPGRADED THE FIRMWARE SO IT WOULD WORK OUT OF THE BOX. If you know what a hassle that kind of shit is you know how very much an act of true friendship that was. I am in awe.

We ordered sammiches from Big Star and watched two movies and it was just like the Friday Night Falldown of days of yore back in London with Sue and Elizabeth. In the good old days. Mike left around 9:30.

Then the wind started.

Sigh. Up and down. PEGGED OUT.

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