Beautiful day yesterday

Took down the cobwebs in my room and vacuumed, so as soon as I’m out of this bed (won’t be long) I’ll wash my bedding and finish putting stuff back (throwing stuff out….)

The house two doors down caught fire but it was put out almost instantly by the BFD. I mean I smelled smoke and heard sirens at the same time. No injuries that I could see.

FINALLY GOT GAS IN THE CAR. The idea that fifty bucks won’t fill the Echo is repellent to me personally but it is as things are.

My twitter friend Greg exposed me to the band ‘Pigeon Pit’ – folk music instruments, bluegrass and folk and folk rock arrangements and blazingly cheerful social justice lyrics? Yes please and thank you Greg.

Filking/bluegrass practice at Peggy’s last night. Paul came and had less trouble with the guitar than last time, and while the beauty of his voice is dimmed he’s still singing, darn it. He worked his usual Tuesday yesterday as a volunteer but he was obviously a bit bushed – still cheerful though – and moving super slow. Peggy made blueberry pie. I didn’t partake as I’d had enough to eat that day. We tried to see the planetary alignment but only Venus made it through the haze. Paul missed his colonoscopy. He knew it was happening but gapped the prep. Drove him home from filking a little after ten and made sure he got to the stairs but I noted Dax on the back deck so knew he had someone’s help if he needed it.

Talked to Dave on the phone, very encouraging that he sounds a lot more chipper, although his energy level still sucks.


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