Keith cooked lunch

it was a veggie burrito bowl

and NOM and SO FILLING I DIDN’T NEED DINNER. I had a weird turn when we went to the Buy Low for groceries and had to sit for most of it on the stairs outside (got to watch a worker install flashing) but was feeling better by the time we went home and at least got up to help pay for it all at the register. Definitely a lovely experience shopping there – they added a cashier, processed us fast and were very warm and professional. It’s been open for years and it’s around the corner and it’s the first time either of us went. Funnily enough it’s exactly the same distance to either, 1.4 km. If I was walking I’d go to Buy Low because it would be downhill on the way back. Keith said the prices are comparable or better unless it’s Costco.

Alex overnight tomorrow unless it turns out that my ‘turn’ is actually me being too sick to care for him. I feel fine right now but I haven’t tried to get up yet lol.


So satisfying to eat what he cooked.  Tee Hee.

2179 on Instructor; no progress TB. Wordle in five (it was a hard word…) and two top fives and a best ever in Lumosity. I do feel snappier in the brain than I did yesterday.


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