Back in 1996, Paul, John, Bounce, Duke, the kids and I all lived on Dee Avenue in Toronto. For five whole weeks, before our lives got upended again and Paul’s transfer to Vancouver came through. Our bedroom had 11 separate walls as I recollect. That was also the house where Paul and I self diagnosed with ADD and where we were living when Keith ran into a car and hurt his ankle and he was so traumatized by the untreated mentally ill man in the ER that we left AMA. Eventually John followed us to Vancouver, where pOp helped him get a job at John’s Jukes.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the street.

So after looking at Toronto maps for a while I finally remembered “Knob Hill Farms” which was walking distance from there. They closed in 2001 but I got the locations and was able to backtrack the address.

Hope that asteroid misses us today.

Anniversary of Marx’s death date today.


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