sawbones today

10:30 appointment. Probably won’t get in until noon. Normally I go across the street and get something from Brown’s Social House but today Keith’s cooking us lunch, so I have to make sure everything he might need to cook is ready to go. Then I’ll show up and EAT. Sounds ideal.

Wordle in three this morning. I should think so, my ancestors would hit me if I didn’t get ‘horse’ in a hurry. gosh did I share the solution? Good thing fewer than ten people read this blog erryday.

Coffee next and some reheated Chinese food. Nom.

Apparently I’m picking up Alex on Friday so Paul and Keith can go to the States to visit Hank and Janice. Good thing I know what to do now! Takes a village, etc.

Yesterday apart from cleaning off the kitchen counter and loading the dishwasher I did nothing. Oh, I practiced. I feel empty and rattling and completely full of leftover wasp nests. I got my February blahs but good. And yet my mood isn’t BAD.  It’s just kinda … blank.



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