twitter borkage

I can’t see my feed. I can follow more people but I can’t see any of my new content on twitter and I wish I could talk about how sad it makes me without sounding like an idiot. On line IT press says it’s a ‘code loop nightmare’.

(an hour later, it reappeared)

No progress on Totally Boned. My protagonists are queer / asexual / non heteronormative and I’m glad they are, because Fox media isn’t just coming for trans kids anymore; they’ve started to say completely unhinged things about asexuals, too. In my own small way I am fighting against the dehumanization of sexual and affectional minorities.

Wordle in five. Top five in three out of five games this morning although my working memory seems to have stepped out for two joints.

OMG the Call the Midwife wedding episode made me cry pretty much continuously. And now I’m crying again reading about the suicide of a Black woman in STEM. Why do we make women carry so much in this life and why do we hate women who aren’t white so much ….

Snow disappeared enough to order burgers and shakes for dinner.

I hope we’re all prepared for the ADDITIONAL SNOW we’re getting tonight. Up to 15 cm of dense white death will fall from the sky.




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