it’s before 9 am

I have schlepped, gotten money for the cleaning specialist, delivered biscotti to Peggy (just emailed her to advise) and tried out my new N95 mask at the Save-On. Thanks to Jeff for moving things along so ably and dealing with my mutterings / ‘turn left right here’ as I attempted to ‘alligate’ him through the Burnaby New West borderlands.

Now I’m gonna make shirazi salad. Fuckers at Cazba restaurant at Lougheed didn’t pack the two shirazi salads I ordered – they sent the much cheaper green salads instead – and I paid for the expensive ones…. I left a very hot review on Doordash. I’ve had SUCH A CRAVING FOR SHIRAZI SALAD IT’S INSANE. I am going to make some right now cause I bought ingredaments.

I am in a good mood, moving well and faster than usual and of course it’s May the Fourth Be With You Day. And it’s sunny and warm and the world has intense amounts of suck but I am not getting sucked in. Dave called me yesterday and how good to hear his voice. My brain seems to be working well and I can still see the floor in my room. Today I have no idea what I’m going to do, though. I may just grab the Paleolithic book and sit out on the deck after whining at Jeff to set up the gazebo. LOL. Emptying the dishwasher, washing the rugs and my sheets might just be on the agenda. Back door is open and a fresh breeze is stirring in the house….