aircon is back

What a difference it made yesterday. I can’t imagine how it must have been for a frail elderly person with no AC – it wasn’t even a heat dome situation, just an ‘unusually warm spell’. Staying warm til Friday, and much particulates so my eyes are gritty and I feel ‘oppressed’.

I have a few errands to run today including calling Paul and seeing if he wants to go for a walk. We did manage a walk yesterday, Jeff and I, but that was the extent of our external travails.

I haven’t been reporting on it, but I’m still doing wordle and lumosity every morning. I just made tea, the iced tea pitcher is full in the fridge (it’s that time of year again!) Buster’s been let out and the cat door is open. I’ve been practicing on my instruments pretty much every day. As soon as the dishwasher’s done I’ll run some laundry. Couple of hundred words on TB.

Stay busy and stay cool!