Nothing but electronic horn stabs

Don’t waste your ears on this, I’m just posting it so I can find it later. It is entitled, Brought Before My Oppressors, and it’s BAD VIBES and TOO MUCH VOLUME BLASTS CAN’T YOU EQUALIZE THIS JFC and the bitter grinding sameness of fascism. So, like, I frikkin’ warndja. And of course (pfffft, blowing through lips) PROCESSING? I dan do processing, man. It’s an outrage, but there you have it.

I really don’t want to post the Kaossilator settings for this one since it’s just evil in a bag like Satan’s cat horking up a woolly one and one should have a conscience, but I know for a fucking fact that if I don’t record it, it will be as gone as the (deep breath and avoidance of anecdon’t let’s just say the day before yesterday is a gift that keeps on holy shit what now?ing at me).

BPM 20 – ze lowest setting, which is one of the reasons the sound is so vertiginously choppy.


G08 (Gate arpeggiator set for the first half of the first beat in every four beat bar.)

Minor Third scale

Low C

HONESTLY I WARNED YOU two minutes of audio torture but of course if you use it to drive cockroaches from your home, and use snippets of it in funny animal videos you’re editing, that’s on you.


Pulse check

Spoke to Dave and Keith yesterday.

Dave’s bathroom ceiling caved in yesterday morning. It’s possible a poorly installed bidet in the upstairs apartment is the reason but let’s face it the building is not new and it could be other leaks as well. I asked him how close he came to getting killed and he said about ten minutes. A miss, as they say, is as good a mile.

Keith told me to hang in there, to keep working on not taking Paul stuff personally, to thank me for my efforts and to invite me to go look at the next care facility.

Did not dress or leave the house yesterday. Updated my care sheet to include that I’m due for a mammogram. I made flower rolls (white bread buns) and they came out just spectacular (the texture is pure pillowy softness) and I’m irritated now because I am not 100% sure exactly which recipe I followed or whether I jammed two together. ADD, ADD, polishes as it cleans, ting!

Jeff’s day has started and he is drinking tea.

Buster has hairballs and refuses to let me dose him with hairball remedy.

Other than that, it’s hot in the house and I’m going to ask Jeff to turn on the aircon.