I was supposed to liveblog it

LOL slept through the beginning of the Coronasplodation so I will not be doing that. Fucking Camilla in Queen Mary’s crown is making me bark and bark.

Leftover tacos and shirazi salad and lashings of coffee with cream (just this once…bought a small container) for brekky.

Keith came by yesterday for a brief lunch and a chat about his housing situation and that of his housemates. Jeff was very clear on two points (about which I agree) – that Keith could bunk with us if no other options came available, but that it would be a very tough accommodation FOR ALL OF US (mostly because these days Keith is all about the sleep hygiene (10 pm to 7 am quiet times) and Jeff and I are more or less being active between 4 am and 8 or maybe 9 pm). That said it was a good meal and a civilized discussion so all is good.

I send my love and solidarity to all the English Republicans who’ll do jail time for peacefully protesting the Media Colonization.

Glory peace and victory to Ukraine.

Fuck Putin, whose apparent response to the head of Wagner complaining about no ammo is to advise him that for the money he’s being paid he can buy it on the open market.

My brain appears to be working okay this morning. Tiny bit of writing yesterday.

Someone on nextdoor asked for where to buy a first communion dress for a little girl (the catholic supply place on Main most probably)

Time to run the dishwasher and line up my errands for the day. Peggy got her little bag of biscotti and said that it’s amazing how the flavour survives being tossed around in the back of the car for two days LOLOLOL.