the state of the world

The state of the world is such that I am quite anxious, but I’ve got some food to take to church for a potluck so I suppose I can feed the anxiety beast that way. Keith will come and get me around 10. It’s possible Paul will come but he’s not fond of getting up early so it’s 50 50. Lois is for sure not coming.

Ukraine stats…

16000 dead Ukrainian civilians according to their government closer to 40K according the the US.

60K dead Russian troops 150K wounded according to Russia

280K Russian troops ‘taken out of combat – killed or wounded’ according to Ukraine

120K dead or wounded Ukrainian troops according to Ukraine – US estimates a lot more than that.

Went to twitter this am and some pendejo in the states is saying that Russians are killing Ukrainians 50-1. Armed with the above (rounded up from wikipedia) I told him to stop tweeting nonsense. Ukraine can ill afford to lose any troops but they are holding up. Russia is having a very hard time raising more troops and there are apparently tens of thousands of Russians of conscription age still outside Russia doing whatever it is they do when they don’t want to be drafted.

We are still watching Medium. I have never seen a show which depicted white north american family life as well as this one. Absolutely a fucking standout show. Two limp episodes in two and a bit seasons so far. Love all the actors, INCLUDING the child actors, who are magnificent and well directed.

Polls SAID UCP was going to win in Alberta but as the election inches closer (Monday) an NDP majority is actually looking more likely.