hey mOm banners

The new summer banners going up on lightpoles in Victoria regarding gardens were done by someone I follow on facebook, Lou-ann Neel. So when you see them all cheerful like with hummingbirds and bumblebees in bright colours in coastal art style you can know that they were designed by an Indigenous artist and scholar.

nice low key day

Suzanne will be coming later.


Jeff bought us chicken and ribs and salad for dinner and it was NOM.

I have to put my laundry away or my weeks of having a clean floor will be for nothing.

Practiced Uke already this morning. I may even write a song in D. Now that I know what it is. LOLOLOL.

Completely edited section 2 of TB EXCEPT FOR WHERE I BACKED myself into a story corner. I will fix, I have a handle on how. Removed so many adverbs it was like an infestation I tellink you.

Kaossilator settings. 90bpm, High C, G02, 4ths, P91. Start in lower left corner and push your finger around for some bass and drum cool tuneage.


90 bpm P90 4ths G08 High C – I’m going to call this one the Robots’ Rap Battle and I am having LA FONNE with it