Well I found another ghastly technical problem with the mss and I’m feeling like really not thinking about it right now, so may I recommend the 30 year old Studio Ghibli masterwork “Pom Poko” (literal title translation = Heisei-era Raccoon Dog War Ponpoko) which is an animated fantasy as a way of directing attention away from my creative solecisms.

One of my fave brotherkins on twitter @aPebbleintheSky a Swedish manbear anarchist recommended the film as among his favourites, and I can understand why.

  1. Japanese folklore is the primary aesthetic driver. Specifically folklore about Tanukis. (Raccoon dogs.)
  2. Testicles ARE A PLOT DEVICE. LOTS OF THEM. It is gobsmacking. They can be transformed into other things, like parachutes and smothering weights
  3. It is a primer on running an anarchist revolution, right down to how everyone runs away from the problems after setbacks and how MUSIC ART AND DANCING ARE INTEGRAL TO THE REVOLUTION god this was so amazing to watch
  4. There is a strong element of #LandBack
  5. Almost half of the film is narrated so you at least have a fighting chance of figuring out what’s going on.
  6. The gay fox is one of the most hilarious animated characters I’ve ever seen.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste but I adored it.

No church yesterday. Dishwasher’s running, and when it’s done I’ll run a load of laundry or two.