A quick phone call

Keith called to advise that after consulting with his siblings, and the geriatric social worker, Paul has decided to move into the residence we visited last week.

I cannot express the extent of my gratitude and relief to have been part of the process. I’m so happy for Keith right now I don’t have words. More when a lease is signed or if for whatever reason it falls through, but at the moment there’s no reason to believe it will. Love to the siblings!

very hot in the house

The aircon didn’t get turned on yesterday and it is still very hot upstairs. I’m about to throw the door open and get some air in here – it’s 17ºC outside.

Laid back day, nothing of particular interest to report.

The grind around Bakhmut continues. The Russians are demoralized, panicky, poorly-led and -provisioned and the Ukrainians have more and better armaments almost every day. And men are still dying in droves, mostly on the Russian side.

Apparently every day that’s nice men go down to Wreck Beach and take photos of the beachgoers. I’m not saying men are scum, but I wish the old timers’ ways of dealing with rubberneckers still obtained.