two items

From my ancestor’s diary via mOm:

 September  8th  1862    Today about 5:15 PM went into W. Sutton’s Office and told him that I had a concern to lay before him which had rested on my mind for a long while, in reference to his practices in his business, that there was so much that partook of Covetousness that I often felt uneasy in my mind in being so nearly associated with it.  Much more I said, so that I fully relieved my mind and hope he will as I told him consider these things as they brought the Truth into disrepute and was a stumbling block on the way of those who may incline to our Principles.  He heard me through and was very indignant but I took no notice although he said I was “demented,” etc.  He expressed a desire for me to leave, and it is agreed that I leave him 3 months from this date.


second item

over the last week it has been my privilege to see two family friends eating and drinking from the last remnants of the ironstone set from Granny Rivett. Suzanne drank tea and Mike used the platter to serve the meal he cooked us.

And he washed it after. He said, “You have no idea how hard I worked to neither drop nor chip it.” I thanked him profusely. What a guy. I’m so lucky.