while I was helping Paul pack

I took sick and vomited up everything I’d eaten or drunk since that mango. I mean, I’ve been feeling punk but this is tiresome (and thank god my meds have cleared). Having gotten rid of my burden, I cleaned up after myself (I didn’t make it to the toilet, although I did make it to the bathroom) and went home. Alex was there because he was under the weather. The puke itself was spectacularly multicoloured – white for the egg, orange for the carrots, brown for the mushrooms, red for the tomatoes, and as soon as I made the mistake of saying that Alex insisted on viewing it and b’lieve me, he was taken aback.

I think I’m going to drink some water and run a bath, I feel really cold. Okay my appetite came back and I just ate an enormous bowl of pho and it stayed down. I threw out all the veg I laboriously prepped this morning, just to be sure.

Ryker was so great. He’s exactly the same amount of busy when he’s in a good mood but it’s way more fun.

My doppelgänger says hi!