i’ve been sitting in the sun

but not at Vantan, one thing, another, the whole Dinsdale stale trail of when plans go awry. I shall be crispy tonight. Jeff said I looked a trifle sunned. I heard stunned but you know how siblings are. (That did not, in fact, happen.)

However Mike came over and cooked supper outside on a campstove and it was nom nommity yes indeedy. Gai lan and beef&onions, over rice, mochi balls to finish. For whatever reason Buster who has in past been his devoted fan, wouldn’t go near him. He’s been fine but weird lately.

Knoweth how to party, Mike, in any event. Jeff had two whole beers. (I am drinking de-alcoholized, as is Mike. The cannabis was stylishly abundant I will leave it at that.)

He is now cleaning up, the Mobile 8th Wonder of the World.

We’ll reconvene over John Wick 4.

I was tired yesterday

I slept SO much yesterday, I think I napped twice. I feel fine this morning, and my brain is pretty clear.

Finally started reading the novella Glenn sent me. My roundtuit is busted I reckon.

Off to the Save-On for foodicles this morning.

Mike’s going to pick me up to go to Vantan sometime this morning. Yinkies, time to do a load or two of laundry.

D Roti Shak for shrimp curry yesterday. DAMN IT IS SO GOOD. I think if I was forced to only choose one way to eat spuds for the rest of my life, it would be the Caribbean style aloo. HAPPY SIGH.

Everybody have a good day now! I’m going to get some sun where the sun ain’t been since the pandemic started…