eviction notice

Keith, Kate, the kids and Paul got their eviction notice yesterday. So it’s August 1 they have to be out. Kate and Dax are (not surprisingly) having animated discussions about whether they should consolidate households and I know it’s difficult… but the rents are unbelievable. Truly heinous.

Keith dropped by yesterday and we had a pretty good talk about growing up ADD and how Paul and I completely underestimated how disabling his autism/social anxiety/ADD combo is for school and work. Like everyone in the family he masks very well, and then everyone who expected better is disappointed, himself most of all. He feels very at sea at the moment. However I was able to get him to drink some homemade iced tea and pressed some money into his hand to pay a bill. The thing that sticks in my head, apart from the more personal stuff, was that he said that he attended (via Zoom) a tenants’ rights association meeting the same day he was served with an eviction notice.

Coffee has been made and consumed; laundry is done but not folded, and I’m currently sadly contemplating having to replace this laptop. It is getting elderly and the battery is no longer holding a charge for long. It’s just a matter of time.

Jeff continues to walk every day, hope he gets out early today while the smoke is low. The Chehalis River fire is 800 hectares and the Harrison Lake fire is growing ‘explosively’ so it’s gon’ be smoky in the Sto:lo valley. He also changed out the burnt out kitchen light bulb this am and so I fetched the globe from the top of the fridge where he put it while he found a replacement bulb and cleaned it BLECCCCCH. BURNT INSECT BITS BLERG.

I am assembling a package to send to the parental units. It will full of ART or something similar.

Contemplating moving my social media presence to mastodon, but I simply don’t want to change anything about my life – everything’s getting rigid…