feelin a bit better

I don’t feel great but I’m going to quit whining anyway.

It was good to see Oreo and Paul and Keith yesterday. Paul and I almost made it to Pho Edmonds but his blood pressure tanked and he was super dizzy. (He’s been messing around with his meds and taking them at different times of the day to figure out which is best. I take mine in the morning and just put up with the hour (usually considerably less time) of dizziness and nausea. Bonus, my body tells me if I’ve missed my morning meds. No, I’m not overmedicated.

I bought 45 dollah of fruit and veg yesterday and now I’m chopping it up and roasting it and I made a pure vegetarian stirfly yesterday and apart from the canned baby corn and the fact that thanks to salt restrictions it was blannnnnnd, Jeff approved. It has within it: bamboo shoots, baby corn, baby bok choi, bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli. Oil and oregano brushed long eggplant is in the oven for snackies later; I just ate a quarter of a very sweet but extremely firm cantaloupe and I’m quietly working on my tea while I go through the rest of my morning routine.

Supper at Katie’s tomorrow.