Peaceful day

I wrote 657 words yesterday on TB, so I’m very happy I’m making progress at all after such a long break. Thinking about going shlepping this morning until I remembered that on Monday everything is pretty much shopped over and there’s never any of the milk that I drink.

Made chocolate syrup this morning and the container I’ve been using since I was working at Statpower finally gave up the ghost and cracked, and I’m sad because I get very attached to my stuff and now it’s going out in the recycling.

STILL eating leftovers from the meal Cindy bought us on Friday and it’s still nommy. (The restaurant, Argo, calls it ‘dinner for two’ but that’s in a universe when two eighteen year old body builders need sustenance, believe me.) I should be through it today. Bought fish for dinner last night. I was supposed to run errands but I changed into my pjs and lounged the entire day, when I wasn’t writing and running the dishwasher and making iced tea and forgetting to press ‘send’ on the dinner order, making Jeff wait an hour and a half for his halibut….

mOm enjoyed the poetry chapbook I sent her.

Katie called me to go for a walk and I didn’t feel right enough to go even though it meant missing seeing Ryker. Sigh.

I hope I write again today but who knows what the day will bring.